Founded in 2010, Winged Machine (2238366 Ontario Inc.) is a software start-up run by a team of talented entrepreneurs with diverse industry and research experience.

At Winged Machine, we aim to create intelligent software solutions for the efficiency-oriented modern technology consumer.

Mobile Application Development

Leveraging the founders' engineering background, stand-alone ideas are developed in house into mobile apps:

CarTracker – A simple GPS utility for recording and locating your parked vehicle.

TripWise – (Under active development.) Your information-access and record-keeping needs while travelling are easily handled in one app. TripWise makes business trip and vacation computing tasks convenient and streamlined.

IP Generation

Large-scale ideas are formulated into patents, for direct IP monetization and possible future development:

Friend Compass – (US 8239132, US 8914232) A system to dynamically locate friends and landmarks through an augmented reality interface on the smartphone.


Beyond intuitively accessing and tracking things/information, we want to build tools that help people get things done and realize aspirations.

The scope of our research interest encompasses: utilities to deliver structured productivity and learning methods, brain-computer interfacing software, and ways to mediate compatibility between different technological elements.

Smart technology to let you live the life you want.

Maran Ma, President

Maran is a multidisciplinary engineering and research professional dedicated to inventing seamless technology for people, and advancing brain-computer-interfacing science. Maran and three university classmates began the journey of bringing academic work toward commercialization in 2008, which culminated in the founding of Winged Machine, and collaborations with many talented young innovators along the way. She is responsible for overall business direction, expanding the organization, and R&D work.

Maran received her BASc (Electrical Engineering) and MSc (Neuroscience, on the EEG study of post-error sensorimotor adjustment) from the University of Waterloo; and is now pursuing PhD (Neuroengineering) research on neuron-machine interfaces at McGill University. She has over 5 years engineering experience in the AMOLED display industry, ranging from logic design, embedded software, image compensation, to test automation; which has contributed to several patents and publications.

Janice Cheng, Technology Officer

Janice is responsible for leading the software development team, managing R&D, and evaluating new technology trends. She has over 8 years of diversified experience in the software industry, having written software or lead development teams in a wide variety of industries such as retail, food, and nuclear power generation.

Janice received her BASc (Computer Engineering with an option in Mechatronics) from the University of Waterloo. She has since also become a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Yuan (David) Fang, Operations Officer

Yuan is a licensed Professional Engineer and brings with him project management and over 8 years R&D and engineering experience to Winged Machine. Yuan received his BASc and PhD (Electrical Engineering) from the University of Waterloo; he is the recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship and Carl A. Pollock fellowship.

He has published over 20 scientific journal papers and refereed conference proceedings, and a book chapter on the use of Monte Carlo methods for modeling image quality in semiconductor x-ray detectors. Yuan is responsible for the day-to-day operations, overseeing all projects, and serves on the board of directors.

Evelyn Peng, Financial Officer

Evelyn is a Chartered Accountant with a passion for innovation and supporting small businesses. She joined Winged Machine in 2010, bringing with her over 8 years of professional practice and industry experience. Evelyn is responsible for managing the financial risk of the corporation; including financial planning, record-keeping, analysis of financial data, as well as financial reporting to the President and the Board.

Evelyn received her BSc (Biotechnology and Chartered Accountancy) and Master of Accounting from University of Waterloo, and has professional qualifications of CA, CPA, and CISA.

Namratha Rajagopal, Software Designer

Namratha is a contributor to the software development and testing functions within the team. Namratha received her BASc (Electrical Engineering) from the University of Waterloo, and MSc (with focus in mixed signal circuit design) from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her work experience of 6 years ranged from PCB design and test electronics in the smartphone and sensor devices industry to software platform QA for Android-based products. She has worked with large global teams to successfully launch over 10 new product initiatives to mass production, and has taken extensive training in areas such as QA Statistics and Six-Sigma Methodologies.

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